Baran Mazand co.
Baran Mazand co.

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Baran Mazand manufacturing company

Baran Mazand manufacturing company, producer of different types of fire extinguishing syllenders, patNo 2081 with four decades experience in the field of safety and fire fighting, (to achieve full goals of it’s organization), started it’s manufacturing activities in 1379 with the private sector funding participation in an approximate land area of 3000 square meters.
This company has introduced it self as the first and the most exclusive holder of ISO 9001 among different extinguishing syllender producers in Iran.
The Company Development Projects with in the past few years has enabled it to meet the customer’s needs with the aid of the R&D department By completing it’s development plans, including four functional welding machine as well as doing Research on making leakage testing machine, and constant training of the staff has made it possible to reach %80 of it’s production goal.
After marketing needs have been analyzed and regarding internal capacity and producing high quality items the company has been able to gain standard verification Certificate No 9190 (installing fire extinguishers in cars) along with careful study and doing research and experimental testing in order to produce fire extinguishing powder, all the items of which are based on regulations of standard we are proud to announce that we have gained standard Certificate No 3434.
In QC unit testing on raw materials, while being produced or even in the final stage, are carried out with a lot of caution, and the results are recorded for further reference.
A number of testing and controlling process includes the following:
a) leakage testing for all products in two steps.
b) Hydro static testing (under over 50 Bars pressure according to National Iranian standard Regulation No 869
c) erosion testing against salt powder.
d) unloading testing according to National Iranian Standard No 869 regulations.
e) extinguishing testing according to National Iranian Standard No 869 regulations.